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Only one dot appears when adjusting sensitivity setting

You can adjust the Sensor Bar's sensitivity through the Wii's System Settings (click here for directions on accessing this feature). You should see two dots on the screen when performing this test. Please note that "sensitivity" is referring to how sensitive the Wii Remote is to light, which determines how far away from the TV you can play; it does not affect the sensitivity of motions.

  • If only one dot appears, check the Sensor Bar to see if anything might be blocking it, or if any lights are shining directly on it. Check to see that it's not on a reflective surface, and that it has been moved all the way to the front of the TV or shelf it's placed on.
  • Check to see that the Sensor Bar is not resting on a reflective surface (such as glass), and that it is moved all the way to the front of the TV or the shelf the TV is placed on.
  • If there are no obstructions and no direct light, and only one dot is still appearing, this indicates that only one side of the Sensor Bar is working. Please contact Nintendo Consumer Service for more information.