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    Cleaning a Game Disc

    Please use the information below for cleaning a dirty Game Disc. Fingerprints, smudges, and other foreign material can interfere with the game being properly read by the Wii console.

    1. Use a soft, slightly damp cotton cloth (use water only). Clean the disc from the centre towards the edges; do not use a circular motion. DO NOT use paper.
    2. Make sure the game is dry, then re-insert it and see if the error occurs again.
    3. If the game had been working normally, shows signs of physical damage, and now displays errors or lockups in areas it previously didn't, the problem is likely to be damage to the disc. Please contact Nintendo Consumer Service for more information.
    4. If the game never worked or you are discovering errors in the game that weren't there before, it is possible that the problem could be with the system or the disc. (The system may still be the problem even if the disc shows some signs of damage.)