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    Sniff out those secrets

    Okay – so you’ve tackled the shaketastic levels of Wario Land. You know that you can run through the game at lightning speed, rescuing the captured Merfles and destroying the evil bosses, all the time collecting money, money, money to make Wario rich, rich, rich. You also know that each level has a number of missions to complete, making the game a whole lot longer and a whole lot harder. But did you know that there are 12 further secret levels to uncover, all with the help of 12 trusty Secret Maps that lie scattered throughout the lands? Oho! Read on for some pointers towards the garlic-filled extra stages in Wario Land: The Shake Dimension!

    X marks the spot!
    Once you complete the game the first time, you’ll find out which of the original levels contain secret maps. And there’s a telltale sign to indicate where the Treasure lies – if you find the right spot, you’ll see a golden sparkle right above the block where the map lies. You know what you’ve gotta do to get at that booty – punch your heart out! To get you started, we’ve given you some help for the first few Secret Maps!

    • Whoopsy Desert
      Just a minute into this stage, you’ll come to two cannons. Climb into the first cannon and fire Wario straight up to reach a second cannon. Again, fire Wario straight up to find a large Coin Bag. Then return to the second cannon and aim towards the blocks on the right. Blast through those blocks and go left to pick up a coin. Wait – isn’t that the enticing shimmer of gold right there on that block? Sure is! Get punchin’ and lo and behold – the first Secret Map is yours! Get ready to enter the Disturbing Tomb….
    • Foulwater Falls
      This map can be found about halfway through the treacherous Foulwater Falls. You’ll know you’re in the right place when the underground rocks turn a dark blue colour. Run along to the right and swing across two ropes. Once you get to the other side, you need to smash both sets of rocks you come to. Next to the second block, you’ll see a background rock that looks like it‘s got bones sticking out of it – like a prehistoric toaster maybe. Hang on…a golden prehistoric toaster. You got it! One Ground Punch and the doorway to Gurgle Gulch is open.
    • Mt. Lava Lava
      You need to wait until you free the Merfle in this level to get at the Secret Map. After the Merfle is out of its cage, jump down the hole to the bottom of the cave and go left. Get your racing boots on and Dash like the wind to avoid the boulder that’s bearing down on you. Jump onto the rope at the end of your sprint and then Ground Punch the block directly below this rope. Sneak Peak is now yours to explore. Easy eh? (Err, no).

    Who’s the Boss?
    You’ll have noticed that although the normal stages have a whole list of special Missions for you to clock up while you’re playing, the Boss levels are all about the Boss, with no extra tasks. Or so you thought! As if defeating these scurvy baddies once wasn’t enough, after you complete the game, a list of Missions is automatically added to the Boss levels. Go back and try to conquer them now…if you dare!

    Keep going, my little Treasure
    With a gold-hungry mercenary like Wario, you just know there’s going to be lots of lovely loot to track down. As well as the run-of-the-mill coinage that’s lying around, there are also enough collectible Treasures to fill a museum – although that’s not going to happen with Wario around! If you manage to collect all 99 of these beauties, you’ll be rewarded with a surprise of the shiniest type. VERY shiny. In fact, the shiniest of shiny things that ever….you get the idea. Check below for a couple of locations for some of the trickier Treasures.

    • Spring Water
      Sounds pretty dull as Treasure goes, but the clue’s in the name. You need to get a few screens through Foulwater Falls for a chance at this one. Once you get to two wooden boxes and a metal box stacked on each other, you’re on your way. Break both the wooden boxes and jump up on the metal box to get at the first rope. Now, rather than swing to the right to progress through the level, you need to swing left, in order to land on the mini-ledge in front of you. Gently does it though – you just need a little swing – anything more and you’ll overshoot the ledge. Then swing again up to a green pipe on the left-hand side. Get Wario’s ample butt squeezed down it. Have a look around and you’ll see an inviting-looking ledge over on the left-hand side that surely holds the tempting Treasure. But how to get at it? There are all sorts of things you can try, like bouncing on the blue baddies. But the answer is of an altogether more watery nature. See that block at the top that looks like it’s holding back something big, strong and gushing? Now, what do you think would happen if you broke it?
    • Moonstone
      The elusive Moonstone is not too tricky to get, but it’s all about positioning. The action takes place in the Run-Down Pyramid level right after you have freed the Merfle. As you can see you’re standing on a big pile of blue blocks. As soon as the Merfle’s outta the cage, the blocks start to collapse and you need to make sure you fall down roughly in the middle. As you fall, press down on the +Control Pad to perform a giant Ground Pound. Get into the cannon and shoot Wario straight up where you’ll find your lovely Treasure chest, begging to be opened. Hurrah!

    We reckon that’s plenty to get you started chasing down all Wario Land’s secret stuff and collectibles. Just remember, the fat man’s relying on you to help him bag the lot!!!