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    Kirby’s Adventure Wii

    Kirby’s Adventure Wii rewards your achievements by offering new content based on your progress. Complete the game, for example, and you’ll gain access to the battle-based Arena Mode. Check out our list of unlockable content and what you’ll need to do to earn it!

    Arena Mode
    Arena Mode is unlocked by completing the game’s Main Mode. In Arena Mode you’ll face all the game’s bosses one after the other and have to survive for a set amount of rounds.

    Extra Mode
    If you complete Main Mode with at least 70% of the game’s Energy Spheres collected, you’ll earn the right to tackle Extra Mode – where you’ll replay the game with less energy and face tougher enemies at every turn.

    The True Arena
    Conquer Extra Mode and you’ll unlock the True Arena – where the aim of the game is the same as in Arena Mode, only now the bosses you face will be much tougher. Conquering the True Arena will earn you the right to replay it with different characters.

    Kirby Master!
    Conquering the game’s Main Mode and Extra Mode with 100% completion levels, as well as claiming victory in the Arena Mode and the True Arena, will unlock a video in the Theatre to celebrate the fact you have officially become what the game terms a Kirby Master!


    You can call me HAL
    The famous creators of Kirby’s Adventure Wii, HAL Laboratory, have left their mark on the game in more ways than one. Only the most acute observers and meticulous explorers would happen upon them, but there are actually two secret locations where you’ll find the word “HAL” spelled out in blocks. Not only that, these areas also contain Copy Abilities that can come in very handy indeed!

    Area 1
    The first secret HAL area is found in Cookie Country Stage 4. Advance all the way to the end of the first area you enter, but don’t pass through the door to take you to the second area. Instead, go beyond the door until Kirby is right at the edge of the screen (as far right as he can go). Now, double back briefly and a new door should have appeared where there was previously a set of wooden logs. Go through this door to find your first HAL area!

    Area 2
    Later in the game, on Stage 5 of Egg Engines, you’ll reach a door located beneath two conveyer belts covered in enemies. Take care of the bad guys then jump up on the conveyer belts and go as far right as possible. The black rectangular shape you can see isn’t simply part of the scenery; it’s actually another door that will lead you straight to the second HAL area in Kirby’s Adventure Wii.


    Copy Ability rooms
    Aboard the Lor Starcutter there are four rooms in which players can test all 20 of the Copy Abilities in the game. These rooms contain five Copy Abilities each, as well as dummy enemies for you to practice your moves on! To gain access to these rooms, you’ll need to collect a certain number of Energy Spheres. How many? Just check out our handy list for the answers!

    Copy Ability room 1 - 20 Energy Spheres.
    Copy Ability room 2 - 40 Energy Spheres.
    Copy Ability room 3 - 60 Energy Spheres.
    Copy Ability room 4 - 80 Energy Spheres.