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    Important Privacy Information

    Through your Wii console you will be able to participate in a variety of games and activities, some of which will be online. In order to protect your privacy and that of your family when using your Wii console, we strongly recommend the following:


    • Before allowing your children to use the Wii console, we highly recommend that you educate them on the importance of not sharing any personal information about themselves with strangers. Instruct your children to not use personal information for any nicknames on your Wii console, user names in chat rooms, names for Miis or for any other services offered through the Wii console. Explain to them the danger of receiving messages from, or communicating with, strangers.
    • You should supervise your children’s use of the Wii console at all times and assist them with the setup of the Wii console. If at any time you want to stop your children’s use of online or interactive features of the Wii console, you can restrict access to Wii online services using the Parental Controls setting (click here for more information).


    • Never give out personal information about yourself such as your first or last name, phone number, birth date, age, e-mail or home address when communicating with strangers or using any services offered on your Wii console.
    • If you use the messaging features of the Wii console, you need to understand that Nintendo may monitor your use and share certain information (i) as required by law, (ii) where necessary to protect the company, its customers or employees, or (iii) as necessary to provide the services.
    • If you decide to provide personal information to any third party website, the sharing of such information will be subject to the privacy policy of that company, not Nintendo’s privacy policy. Be cautious before providing any personal information to any third party through the online services offered on your Wii console.
    • Your Wii console may store certain personal information on your Wii Remote so please note that by using your Wii Remote on a Wii console other than your own, it is possible that certain personal information about you could be shared with that other Wii console.
    • For your protection, prior to selling or transferring your Wii console, please be sure to clean and securely remove all of your personal information including any pictures or messages on the message board and all other stored sensitive information on the Wii console hard drive. For information on how to wipe your Wii console clean of all such information, please click here.


    • When deciding if a game is appropriate for your child, check the age rating. Use the rating to select the most appropriate game for your child. For more information on ratings, click here.
    • Consider your child's unique personality, level of maturity and abilities. Every child is different, and parents should use their judgment in deciding which games are appropriate for their children.
    • Use provided Parental Controls. Parental Controls restrict your child from accessing certain games and functions of the Wii console. For more information on Wii Parental Controls, click here.
    • Play video games with your children. Watch what games your children are playing and talk about games with them and others as often as possible. You can never have too much knowledge about the games your children are playing.
    • Don't stop at the ratings. Search online and in game enthusiast magazines for game reviews of the games your children are interested in.