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Wii U Pro Controller Battery Removal

Step-by-step instructions for removing the battery in a Wii U Pro Controller.

For information on disposing of the battery, contact your local solid waste authority.


  • The Wii U Pro Controller uses a lithium-ion battery.
  • Turn off the Wii U console and disconnect the USB cable if it is connected to the controller.
  • Use a crosshead style, size #00 screwdriver to avoid damage to the screw or threads.

Removing the battery

  1. Loosen the screw and remove the battery cover.
    • The battery cover is designed so the screw can be loosened, but not fully removed.

  2. Remove the battery by inserting the Wii U GamePad stylus under it and gently lifting the edge.

Disposing of used batteries

  • Completely cover the positive and negative ends of the battery with tape.
  • Do not remove the label.
  • Do not break or try to disassemble the battery.

This product uses a lithium-ion battery. Lithium-ion batteries contain potentially reactive chemicals and should be properly recycled.

Please bring used batteries to the nearest recycling centre.