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    Purchasing software in Nintendo eShop

    tiger_icon_balance.jpg To purchase software in Nintendo eShop, you need to add funds to your Nintendo eShop account. You can add funds by tapping the Add Funds symbol on the Main Menu of Nintendo eShop.

    • Nintendo eShop Card
      Nintendo eShop Cards are not currently available from South African retailers.
    • Credit Card

    Note that the Nintendo eShop currency displays prices in the currency that corresponds to the region settings of your Nintendo 3DS system.

    It's possible to restrict the use of credit cards and the purchasing of content through the Parental Controls feature of Nintendo 3DS. For more information about the Parental Controls feature of the Nintendo 3DS system, please see the Operations Manual or click here.

    AttentionSign.png Note that you can not use Nintendo Points Cards or Wii Points Cards in Nintendo eShop.