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    Using the Fit Meter with a dog

    The Fit Meter is intended to measure activity and altitude changes of a person or dog. It should only be worn by a person or a dog. If the Fit Meter is fitted to an animal other than a dog, it will not accurately measure activity, and may have an adverse effect on the animal’s well-being.

    If you are allergic to dogs then, to avoid an allergic reaction, you should not use the Fit Meter if it has previously been worn by a dog.

    Do not use the Fit Meter on dogs younger than four months old.

    Do not attach the Fit Meter to your dog if your dog:

    • Does not want to walk
    • Is distressed by wearing the Fit Meter
    • Is unwell or injured

    Doing so may have an adverse effect on the health of your dog.

    The Fit Meter should be attached in a place where it is not at risk of being chewed or swallowed.

    Always make sure to supervise your dog and, until the dog is accustomed to wearing the Fit Meter, you should observe it carefully to ensure that it is not angered or distressed by wearing the Fit Meter.

    If you want to use the infrared communication function, you should first remove the Fit Meter from your dog. Otherwise the dog could become alarmed or distressed, risking the possibility that it could injure itself or damage the Fit Meter.