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    Metroid Blast Master Rank tips

    If you’re fed up of having your intergalactic armour mangled by Metroids, Space Pirates and the other menaces on the loose in Nintendo Land’s Metroid Blast attraction, your chances of survival are about to get an Energy Tank-sized boost with our Master Rank tips. Reaching Master Rank isn’t easy (you probably guessed that from the name alone) but it’ll mark you out as a seriously skilful sharpshooter.

    Pre-mission briefing

    The requirements for Master Rank are displayed on the mission select screen after clearing that mission for the first time. The conditions for Master Rank are different for each mission – some demand a certain level of accuracy, while others challenge you to win using only charged attacks – so make sure you know what you need to do before heading onto the battlefield.

    One thing aspiring Metroid Blast masters must not do is use the item Monita drops when you fail a mission a few times. These items grant you enormous power, but using one means you won’t attain Master Rank in that mission, even if you fulfil its conditions. In fact, the Master Rank conditions of certain missions don’t allow you to pick up any items at all. You have been warned!

    Your best weapon in the quest for Master Rank is your accuracy – the more shots that hit their targets, the better your chances, of course! If you’re playing as Samus, you can hold the C Button on the Nunchuk to zoom in for pin-sharp precision, whereas Gunship pilots can press the ZL Button to get a better view. Even when zoomed-in, you can’t go shooting willy-nilly – pick your shots carefully and only squeeze the trigger when you’re guaranteed to hit.

    Know your enemies

    Enemies are only vulnerable in certain glowing spots, which look a little like power buttons and shine different colours depending on how much energy the enemies have left. But getting a clear shot on an enemy’s weak spot isn’t so easy – while simple enemies like Geemers will happily shuffle into your line of sight, wily opponents like the Cyclon Queen and Flying Zebesians aren’t so easy to pin down. Charge bombs and charge missiles are both great ways of inflicting damage if the enemy’s weak spot is obscured or out of view, and in some missions you’ll have to use nothing but charged attacks to gain Master Rank, giving you some great chances to practise this vital technique.

    Team up!

    The best method of mastering Metroid Blast is to combine your skills with other players. While one player uses the Wii U GamePad to pilot the Gunship and provide high-powered support from above, up to four Samus players on the ground can work together to take down targets. Tell each other when enemies are vulnerable, look out for oncoming fire and watch each other’s backs! There’s no room for dead weight though: in missions where you need to reach a certain level of accuracy to gain Master Rank, everyone on your team needs to reach the specified hit percentage. Practise your skills in solo play so you can triumph together as a team!