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    Nintendo eShop Pre-Order was Cancelled

    Additional Information

    A pre-order can be cancelled for several reasons, including if:

    • It was cancelled manually by the user who placed it.
    • You set up the pre-order to use Nintendo eShop funds but funds were insufficient at the time of payment (starting from seven days before the software’s release date).
    • You chose to use a credit card or PayPal account as the payment method for the pre-order, but payment could not be processed because the credit limit had been reached or the card had expired.
    • The Nintendo Account that was used to place the pre-order has been deleted or is no longer eligible to make purchases.
    • The age rating for the software changed and the the user who placed the pre-order is no longer able to purchase it due to Parental Controls settings.
    • A server error occurred when payment was being processed.
    • The Nintendo Account that was used to place the pre-order is no longer linked to Nintendo Switch console. If the software has not been released or it has been 60 days or less since its release date, the pre-order is merely suspended and can be reinstated by following our steps for when a Pre-Order is Suspended.

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