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    What is Miiverse?


    Miiverse is a network service that uses Mii characters to bring players together. Players can share their gameplay experiences with the world with text and handwritten messages, read comments about titles that they're interested in and find other players who like the same games as you. On Wii U, it is also possible to exchange private messages via Miiverse with players on your friend list. Users can report any content that they deem inappropriate directly through Miiverse.

    Parents can restrict access to Miiverse using Parental Controls. The registration of Nintendo Network ID and acceptance of the network related terms and privacy policies is required to use Miiverse.


    Miiverse can be accessed at any time on Nintendo 3DS family systems or Wii U. Press the HOME Button to access the HOME Menu and click the Miiverse icon to open Miiverse. You can then browse communities, post comments and replies to others. You can also view the activity of registered friends or users that you follow on the Activity Feed.


    If you enter Miiverse while using supported software, you will be taken directly to the software's Miiverse communities, allowing you to see information about the game or post comments about your experience immediately. In many supported titles, you can also attach a screenshot of your gameplay to your posts.


    Each user's Miiverse profile displays their nickname, Nintendo Network ID and country, and it is also possible to display the user's birthday, used Nintendo devices, game experience level and a user-created profile message. From a user's profile you can also view their posts, which users they follow and which users are following them.