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    Does Nintendo protect my child when playing online?

    Nintendo has made an extra effort to ensure that the online experience is one that is both safe and fun. For example, certain communication functions are only available to users who have registered each other on their system's friend list. On Wii U and Nintendo 3DS family systems, players can communicate with others around the world on Miiverse. If you deem any Miiverse activity to be inappropriate, it is possible to report this via a dedicated button, and Nintendo continually monitors Miiverse to ensure that it is a friendly environment for everybody.


    If you would rather that your child does not to connect to the internet, It is possible to restrict access to online functionality using Parental Controls. Parental Controls work not only for Nintendo games, but also for games made by third-party publishers.

    Although some Nintendo games and games made by third-party publishers allow you to play against randomly selected opponents, communication is often restricted unless players have registered each other as friends.