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How do I control my child’s access to the Internet Channel on Wii?

Available for download via the Wii Shop Channel, the Internet Channel offers a way to use your Wii console to browse the Internet. If you do not download this channel, you will not be able to browse the Internet.

There are two ways to control access to the Internet: Parental Controls and web filtering.

The Wii Parental Controls settings offer you a means to manage what Wii content is accessible to your child. If you apply Parental Controls, you will be prompted to set a 4-digit PIN. That PIN is needed to access Wii features that you choose to restrict. You can also use this to ‘lock out’ games that are rated for older players.

Please click here for more information about setting up Parental Controls on Wii.

If you want to let your child access the Internet but filter the sites the child can visit, Nintendo offers easy access to Astaro Internet Security to provide a web-filtering solution. The Astaro Wii Content Filtering Portal feature can be found in the Favourites menu of the Internet Channel on Wii. Currently, this service is free for 30 days, but after the trial period, a fee for this service does apply.