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    Multiplayer fun

    There are loads of ways to play with friends and family on Nintendo systems! Get a group together and, in supported titles, players can compete, co-operate or take it in turns in a range of games!

    Bring out your child's competitive streak in games which let them go head-to-head against other players. Racing titles, like those in the Mario Kart series, are perfect for pitting players against each other.

    In co-operative games, players can team up and work towards a common goal together. In New Super Mario Bros. U on Wii U, four players can jump into action at once – and a fifth player can even help out by placing blocks around the level with the Wii U GamePad!

    Take it in turns to play with tabletop games like Wii Party U on Wii U. These are great games to play with a group of fun-loving friends, and they're often packed with variety!

    If everybody's got a copy of the game, Nintendo 3DS family system owners can hook up their handhelds directly with other players using Local Play. For example, you can head onto the green with other players in Mario Golf: World Tour or jaunt through the jungle in Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D!

    In titles that support Download Play on Nintendo 3DS family systems, such as Mario Party: Island Tour, you only need one copy of the game between you to play together. Please note that each player must have their own Nintendo 3DS family system to play.

    Nintendo 3DS family system owners can receive items and challenges from passersby via StreetPass! See other players' pets in nintendogs + cats, or swap house data in Animal Crossing: New Leaf!

    On Wii U, some games support asymmetric multiplayer, where some players are given different goals than others! For example, in Nintendo Land, one player can control a character on the Wii U GamePad while up to four others play on the television and work together to catch them!

    Several titles support online multiplayer, allowing players to connect with friendly faces all around the world. Click here to find out more about online features of Nintendo systems.

    Find out more about multiplayer gaming on Nintendo systems in our multiplayer hub!