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What do the LED Indicators Mean on the Kart? (Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit)

In this article, you'll learn what the different states of the LED indicators mean on the Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit kart.

Note: this information can be helpful when troubleshooting connection or power issues.

Brake light (red) Power light (blue) Description
Off Off The kart is off.
Off Blinking The kart is attempting to connect to the Nintendo Switch console.
Off Solid

The kart is connected to the Nintendo Switch console.

(The power light will also be lit solidly when the kart firmware is being updated.)

Blinking Off Indicates that the power is on and the kart is starting up.
Blinking Blinking Indicates that the kart is attempting to pair with a Nintendo Switch console (first-time setup).
Solid Off The brake light will be lit solidly when the kart battery is charging.
Solid Solid Indicates that the brakes on the kart are being applied during play.