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Play With Pokémon Mode Overview

Poké Ball Plus can be used as a standalone accessory in Play with Pokémon mode. In this mode you can hear the Pokémon’s voice in response to motion controls.

Play with Pokémon mode can be accessed by holding down the control stick button for several seconds while Poké Ball Plus is in standby mode (the LED is off). • The LED will begin to blink slowly with a different colour, depending on the Pokémon you have. • If there is no Pokémon while trying to access this mode, the LED will briefly flash red.

Regarding motion controls, Poké Ball Plus supports shaking, rotating, tossing up in the air, rotating the control stick, and leaving the accessory alone.

To exit Playing with Pokémon mode, simply press the Top Button or the control stick button, or leave Poké Ball Plus alone for at least one minute.