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Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Diagram

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  1. Capture Button
    Takes a screenshot during play
  2. HOME Button
    Suspends the current software and opens the HOME Menu. The HOME Button blinks when you have a notification.
  3. L Button
  4. R Button
  5. - Button
  6. + Button
  7. Left Stick
    Functions as a button when pressed down.
  8. A/B/X/Y Buttons
  9. +Control Pad
  10. Right Stick
    Functions as a button when pressed down.
  11. NFC touchpoint
    You can touch amiibo here to read and write data on them.
  1. USB Type-C™ Connector
    You can use the enclosed USB charging cable to pair the controller with the console or to charge it. You can also connect it directly to an AC adapter.
  2. SYNC Button
    Used to pair the controller and reset the wireless connection with the console.
  3. ZR Button
  4. ZL Button
  5. Recharge LED
    Lights up when the controller is charging.
  6. Player LED
    Located on the bottom of the controller. It indicates your player number.