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Nintendo Classic Mini: Nintendo Entertainment System HOME Menu Overview

The Nintendo Classic Mini: Nintendo Entertainment System HOME Menu allows you to launch a game, manage your game progress, and configure console settings. It is comprised of three main sections:

The Menu


Use the menu to access or configure:

  • Display: Choose how to view your games using three different display modes. More info
  • Options: Enable or disable the following features:
    • Demo: When this option is first selected and you return to the main menu, the system demo begins. This is indicated by a blinking "Demo" symbol on the top right corner of the screen. Mario or Luigi will run across the screen and point to a game or feature to demo. To exit, press any button.
    • Auto-Shutdown. More info
    • Screen Burn-In Reduction. More info
    • System Reset. More info
  • Language: Select to view the system menu from eight different language options. More info
  • Legal Notices
  • Game Manuals: View the game manuals online. More info

The Game List


Use the Game List to access any of the 30 pre-loaded games. More info

  • For information on how to start a game, click here.

The Suspend Point List


Use the Suspend Point List to create or manage your game progress. More info