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    Message: "The backup was cancelled because other save data has been backed up."


    While accessing save data for a software within System Settings on the Nintendo Switch console, the following message is displayed: "The backup was cancelled because other save data has been backed up."


    • When this message is displayed, the automatic backup feature will be disabled. To adjust this setting, click here.
    • Only one save data backup file per software can be stored to the Cloud.


    The save data backup may have been cancelled due to the following:

    • You played without first downloading the most recent save data that is stored to the Save Data Cloud.
    • You played on another console and backed up that save data to the Save Data Cloud, and therefore the save data you are trying to back up from this console is different.

    What to Do:

    Since the save data on the server is different from the save data on the console, you will need to decide which save data you want to keep.

    You can either manually back up your progress from the console and overwrite the backup stored online, or you can download the backup stored online and overwrite the save data on your console.

    Keep in mind that overwritten save data cannot be recovered.

    Best practices:

    If after backing up your save data on one console, you intend to play on another console, it is recommended that you download the most recent backup stored on the Save Data Cloud prior to playing on the second console.