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Joy-Con AA Battery Pack FAQ

What type of batteries are supported?

Each Joy-Con AA battery pack (left and right) uses two AA alkaline or NiMH batteries. Always read and follow the handling instructions for the batteries.

How long do the AA batteries last?

The amount the Joy-Con battery is charged may vary and will depend on the AA batteries being used. As a point of reference, the alkaline batteries that are included (and recommended) with the AA battery pack can fully charge the Joy-Con controller approximately one time.

Can I leave the AA batteries inserted when not in use?

Yes, though keep in mind that if the batteries are left inserted in the AA battery pack then power will still be supplied to the Joy-Con even after it is fully charged. To avoid depleting the batteries, remove them when not in use.

Does the recharge LED always stay lit?

The recharge LED on the AA battery pack will light up when the Joy-Con is being charged. It will shut off under the following conditions:

  • When the Joy-Con is fully charged and it is no longer receiving a charge. Power will still be supplied to the Joy-Con, but the recharge LED will not light up.
  • When the batteries in the AA battery pack are depleted.
  • If either the Joy-Con or the batteries are incorrectly connected to/inserted into the AA battery pack.

Can I use the Joy-Con controllers interchangeably with either AA battery pack?

No. There is a left and right AA battery pack, each one with unique specifications for the Joy-Con (L) and Joy-Con (R), respectively.

How do I know which Joy-Con to attach to each AA battery pack?

Each AA battery pack has an icon to indicate which Joy-Con it can be attached to to (left or right). See Joy-Con AA battery pack diagram.