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Image Retention Precautions


Image retention is a faint image from a constant or still picture showing as a "shadow-like" image on the screen even after the game is turned off. This image retention can result from a variety of sources, including test patterns, VCR on-screen programming screens, or picture-in-picture boxes. Playing video games with stationary images or patterns, or leaving video games on hold or pause, may also lead to this type of damage.

While any type of television can experience image retention, projection TVs and Plasma TVs are more susceptible to burn-in.

  • Before using your Nintendo console with any TV, especially front and rear projection type TVs, be sure to review all documentation included with your TV to find out whether video games can be played on the TV without damaging it.
  • When taking a short break, place the game on pause and turn the TV off until you are ready to play again.
  • If you are not sure about your TV, contact the manufacturer of the TV for more information.
  • Both the Wii U and Wii consoles have a built-in screen burn-in reduction feature.
  • Do not leave the television on for extended periods of time with a single, unmoving image, such as a logo, displayed.

Projection TVs (front and rear):
Due to their design, front and rear projection TVs can be more susceptible to image retention. Remember to be sure to review all documentation included with your TV to find out whether video games can be played on your TV without damaging it.

High-Definition TVs (HDTV):
Projection style HDTVs display the image in much the same manner as other type projection TVs and as such, the same possibility of image retention exists. HDTVs that use a tube screen should be no more susceptible to image retention than standard TVs that use a tube screen. For either type of HDTV, follow the precautions.

Plasma TVs or LCD Screens:
We have no information on Plasma TVs or LCD type TVs. Since image retention is a variable of the TV, please check your TV manual or contact the manufacturer directly before connecting any video game system to your television.

Neither Nintendo nor any of Nintendo's licensees will be liable for any damage to your TV.