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    How to Start a New Game (Ring Fit Adventure)

    In this article, you'll learn how to set up Ring Fit Adventure for the first time.

    Additional Information:

    The first time you launch the game, a tutorial video will walk you through how to set up the game and accessories.

    Complete these steps

    1. Launch Ring Fit Adventure from the HOME Menu.
    2. Remove the Joy-Con (L) when prompted, then press any button on it.
    3. Insert the Joy-Con (L) into the leg strap pocket with the control stick at the top, facing outwards.
    4. Wrap the leg strap around your left thigh (don’t over-tighten it). Stand still until the game registers that the strap is in place.
    5. Remove the Joy-Con (R) when prompted, then press any button on it.
    6. Align the + Button on the Joy-Con (R) with the "+" symbol on the Ring-Con accessory, then slide the Joy-Con (R) into the rail on the Ring-Con until you hear a click.
    7. Place the Ring-Con on a flat surface to calibrate. (Don’t touch it until it finishes!)
    8. When prompted, pick up the Ring-Con by the two grips on the sides, then press them inwards.
    9. Use the control stick on the Joy-Con (R) to highlight your preferred distance measurement. Squeeze the Ring-Con twice to confirm.
      • This can be changed later from the title screen.
    10. When prompted, squeeze the Ring-Con in and hold until “START!” appears on the screen.
    11. Review the Ring-Con basic controls, then squeeze the Ring-Con to continue.
    12. Review the Health and Safety Information, then squeeze the Ring-Con to continue.
    13. Tilt the Ring-Con to highlight the mode you want to play ("Adventure", "Quick Play", "Custom" or "Multitask Mode"), then squeeze the Ring-Con to begin!