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How to Set Up 2-Step Verification for a Nintendo Account


Instructions on setting up 2-step verification for a Nintendo Account.

Additional Information:

  • Once 2-step verification is enabled, you will need to sign in using BOTH your password and a code sent to your smart device via the Google Authenticator app.
  • 2-step verification adds an additional layer of security that can help prevent unauthorised access to your account.
  • This option is not available for child accounts (ages 16 and under) or supervised accounts.

Complete These Steps:

  1. Go to and sign in to your Nintendo Account.
  2. Select "Sign-in and security settings", then scroll down to "Two-Step Verification" and click "Edit".
  3. Click "Enable two-step verification".
  4. Click "Submit" to have a verification code sent to the email address shown.
    • If the email address is incorrect, click "Change" next to the "Email Address" menu setting under "User Information" to change it.
  5. Enter the verification code from the e-mail, then select "Submit".
  6. Install the Google Authenticator app on your smart device.
    • This is a free app, available through Google Play (Android) and the App Store (iOS).
  7. Use the smart device app to scan the QR code displayed on your Nintendo Account screen.
  8. A 6-digit verification code will appear on your smart device. Enter the verification code into the field under step 3 on the Nintendo Account screen, then select "Submit".
  9. A list of backup codes will appear. Click "Copy" to copy all the codes, then paste them somewhere safe.
    • A backup code will be required for sign-in if you don’t have access to the Google Authenticator app. Make sure to keep these somewhere safe.
    • You can use these (one time each) if you do not have access to the Google Authenticator app.
  10. Click Backup codes saved", then "OK".
    • Once set, you can return to the "Two-step verification settings" section to review the backup codes and remove the 2-step restriction.