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    How to Replace the Stand

    Instructions for removing and/or replacing the stand on the back of the Nintendo Switch console.

    Additional Information:

    • There is a stand located on the back of the Nintendo Switch console which allows you to play in tabletop mode.
    • The adjustable stand on Nintendo Switch – OLED Model systems is not replaceable. If you are experiencing an issue with the adjustable stand on your system, see our information on Nintendo Switch – OLED Model Adjustable Stand is Loose or Broken.


    • While the stand is removable, it is not meant to be removed repeatedly.
    • Before removing or replacing the stand, ensure that the console is powered off or in sleep mode.
    • The stand is not present on Nintendo Switch Lite systems.

    Complete These Steps:

    To remove the stand:

    1. Gently flip open the stand until it clicks into place.
    2. Gently but firmly hold the stand from the side that attaches to the console, then carefully pop it off to the side.

    To replace the stand:

    1. Place the console on a soft, flat surface with the LCD screen facing down.
    2. Position the stand over the stand slot as shown below, then gently press down until it clicks into place.