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How to Remove Incorrect Language Packs

The information in this article can help if you have downloaded one or more incorrect language pack(s) and you need to remove them from your Nintendo Switch console (examples of software titles: Diablo III: Eternal Collection, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Assassin’s Creed III Remastered, etc).


  • Fully localised VO (voice over) language packs are available to download on Nintendo eShop for some games. The game will check the system language on start-up and, if it’s a language other than English, the player will be prompted to download the free optional voice pack from Nintendo eShop.
  • If you've downloaded a language pack that you don't need, it will continue to be redownloaded by default when you try to redownload the game from Nintendo eShop.
  • The steps below will allow you to redownload only the game or only any intended language packs separately.

Complete These Steps:

  1. Make sure your Nintendo Switch console has the most recent system version.
  2. Highlight the game on the HOME Menu and press the + Button.
  3. Select Data Management, then Delete Software.
    • This will not delete any save data.
  4. Select Delete to continue.
  5. Open Nintendo eShop using a user linked to the Nintendo Account that originally downloaded the game.
  6. Select your user icon in the top-right corner to access your Account Information.
  7. Select Redownload and locate the game from your list of previously downloaded titles.
  8. While holding the L Button, select the redownload (cloud) icon.
  9. Select OK when a message appears that only the software will be redownloaded. The download will begin.
  10. To redownload any desired language packs, return to the main page of Nintendo eShop and search for the game.
  11. Select the game and scroll down to view all available downloadable content.
  12. Select a language pack and select Free Download or Redownload. The download will begin.