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    How to Pair the NES Controllers to a Nintendo Switch Console


    Instructions on how to pair or sync the NES controllers to a Nintendo Switch console.

    Complete These Steps:

    The NES controllers can be paired to the Nintendo Switch console in the following ways:

    • Joint Pairing.
      1. Simply attach the NES controllers to the console.
        • Once the NES controllers are attached to the console, they are registered and can now be detached and used wirelessly.
    • Button Pairing.
      1. From the HOME Menu, select “Controllers” > “Change Grip/Order”.
      2. While the following screen is displayed, press and hold the SYNC Button for at least one second on the controller you wish to pair. hac-ss-controllers-changegriporder.jpg
        • Once paired, the player LED(s) corresponding to the controller number will remain lit.