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How to Order the Nintendo Entertainment System Controller

Additional Information:

  • The NES controller is available exclusively to Nintendo Account holders in select European countries with an active Nintendo Switch Online membership.
  • Each person in a family membership can order one. (It is not limited to one per family membership.)
  • The offer is limited to one per Nintendo Account.
  • The NES controller cannot be ordered using a child account.
  • For additional information about this offer, click here.

Complete These Steps:

  1. Visit https://mynintendostore.nintendo.co.uk.
  2. Verify that you meet the following requirements. To place the order, you will need:
  3. Log in with a Nintendo Account that meets the conditions above, then select “Add to Cart” on the NES Controller order page.
  4. Go to the My Nintendo Store cart.
    • Only one NES Controller can be ordered per Nintendo Account.
  5. Click on "Checkout".
  6. Click on "Add address" to add a shipping address.
  7. Enter your first name, last name and address, and click on "Save".
    • If your address is not listed in the dropdown, you will need to enter it manually by clicking on "Add/edit address."
  8. Check if you've entered your address correctly under Delivery and choose if this is also the address you want the invoice to be sent to.
  9. Confirm your email address and choose a delivery option, then click on "Continue".
  10. Select your payment method and enter your credit card number, the name of the credit card holder, expiry date and CVV (security code), then click on "Continue".
    • Don't forget to enter a My Nintendo Store voucher code if you have one.
  11. Review the order information on the screen to make sure it’s correct, then click on "Buy now" to place your order.
    • If you have trouble placing the order, please click here.