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    How to Manage Promotional Communications Settings


    Instructions on managing your preferences for promotional communications (e-mails, Newsletters, surveys, etc.).


    • A Nintendo Account is required to receive promotional e-mails from Nintendo. For help setting up a Nintendo Account, click here.
    • You can also unsubscribe from a specific e-mail or newsletter by clicking the link at the bottom of the e-mail.

    What to Do:

    1. Go to https://accounts.nintendo.com and sign in to your Nintendo Account. How to
    2. Select "Other settings".
    3. Select "Change" in the Emails from Nintendo section.
    4. Choose between "Yes" or "No" for the following communications:
      • Recommendations about games, events, special offers and more - Newsletters or e-mails with special game news or offers
      • Invitations to Nintendo surveys - You may be selected to participate in special surveys about Nintendo products.
    5. Click "Save changes" to confirm.
      • Please be aware that you may continue to receive transactional e-mails even if you opt out of promotional e-mails.