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    How to Enable/Disable Wired Internet Connection in Sleep Mode

    Instructions for enabling/disabling the wired internet connection in sleep mode on the Nintendo Switch console.


    • If the regional setting of the Nintendo Switch – OLED model is set to Europe, the “Maintain Wired Connection in Sleep Mode” setting is disabled by default.

    Additional Information:

    • When this setting is enabled, consoles using a wired internet connection will stay connected to the internet even while in sleep mode. This allows for software and DLC to download to the console while it is in sleep mode.
      • Note: The console's power consumption will increase accordingly. (Please see this page for the power consumption values.)
    • When this setting is disabled, consoles using a wired internet connection will operate in intermittent booting mode, a power-saving mode that allows the console to periodically connect to the internet when in sleep mode.
    • This setting is only active when using a wired internet connection.

    What to do:

    1. Go to System Settings.
    2. Select Sleep Mode.
    3. Enable or disable the setting Maintain Wired Connection in Sleep Mode.