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    How to Create and Use a Special User Icon (Nintendo Switch Online Missions & Rewards)

    In this article, you'll learn how to redeem My Nintendo Platinum Points for icon parts that can be used to create a special, custom user icon.


    Users with an active Nintendo Switch Online membership can redeem their My Nintendo Platinum Points for various icon parts that can be used to create unique, custom icons for their Nintendo Switch user profile.

    Platinum Points are earned by completing My Nintendo missions. If you have an active Nintendo Switch Online membership, special weekly and monthly My Nintendo missions are also available that provide more opportunities to earn points.

    You must have an active, paid Nintendo Switch Online membership to redeem points for icon parts. However, once an icon part has been added to your collection, you will not lose access to it, even if you no longer have an active membership.

    What to do

    1. Ensure that your Nintendo Switch console has been updated to the most recent system version.
    2. Launch Nintendo Switch Online from the HOME Menu and select the user who will get the icon parts.
    3. Select Missions & Rewards.
      • Currently available icon parts are displayed on the right.
      • Each month will feature a different theme. The available icon parts will be updated on a weekly basis.
    4. Press the L Button and R Button to scroll through the different games and the associated icon parts that are currently available.
      • Depending on the game, the currently available icon parts may change on a weekly or monthly basis. If an icon part becomes unavailable, it may return in a future week or month.
    5. Select the desired icon part, then select Redeem Points to redeem Platinum Points to add it to your Icon Collection.
      • Each custom icon is made up of a frame, a character and a background. Your custom icon must have all three parts.
      • Generic frames and background colours are available without using Platinum Points, but you can also redeem Platinum Points for frames and backgrounds specific to the game in question. You cannot combine the icon parts with the user icons available in the System Settings or on your user page.
      • Icon parts can only be combined with other parts from the same game. For example, you are unable to combine Animal Crossing: New Horizons icon parts with Super Mario Odyssey icon parts.
    6. When you have redeemed points for all the desired icon parts, select the icon in the top-right corner of the screen to open your Icon Collection.
      • In the Icon Collection, press the L Button and R Button to switch between the "Icons" screen, which shows any special icons you have already created, and the "Icon Parts" screen, which shows icon parts you've obtained.
    7. To create a new icon, you can either select + from the “Icons” screen and choose the game you want to use parts from OR select an icon part that you would like to use in your custom icon, then select Use to Create Icon.
      • A few suggested icons using that part will appear. You can use one of these or select Create Own Icon to choose other parts to use.
    8. Choose the frame, character and background you would like to use for your custom icon, then select OK to create the icon.
      • Each icon part can only be used with other icon parts from the same game, or with the generic frames and backgrounds.
    9. The newly created icon will be added to your collection.
      • A maximum of 100 user icons can be saved to your Icon Collection.
    10. Once created, you can choose the icon from your Icon Collection to set it as your user icon.
      • Custom user icons created in this way can only be set as your user icon through Nintendo Switch Online on the HOME Menu. They will not appear as options when changing your user icon in System Settings or on your user page.
      • Once you have created a custom icon, you will still be able to access and use it even if you no longer have an active Nintendo Switch Online membership.
      • Created icons are managed per Nintendo Account. If you have linked the same Nintendo Account to multiple Nintendo Switch consoles, the icons will appear across those consoles.
      • You cannot share your icon parts with other Nintendo Accounts.