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    How to Attach/Detach the NES Controllers from a Nintendo Switch Console


    The Nintendo Entertainment System™ controllers can be paired and used wirelessly with Nintendo Switch Lite.

    Complete These Steps:

    To Attach the NES Controllers:

    1. Ensure the NES controllers are properly oriented.
    2. Use the rail on the side of the console and slide the NES controllers down from top to bottom until you hear a click. hac_img_nes_controllers_being_attached_to_switch.jpg
      • Once the NES controllers are attached to the console, they are synced and can now be detached and used wirelessly.

    To Detach the NES controllers:
    Press the release button on the back of each NES controller while sliding the controller up from bottom to top.

    • The NES controller syncing information is not deleted when they are detached from the console.