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How to Adjust Nintendo Account Profile Settings (Country, Email, etc.)

In this article, you'll learn how to update the information associated with your Nintendo Account.

Important: If your Nintendo eShop balance is preventing you from changing your account country, see Unable to Change Nintendo Account Country Due to Nintendo eShop Balance.

Additional Information:

  • User information for a child's Nintendo Account can be changed through the child's account or through the parent/guardian's Nintendo Account.
  • If you need to update information associated with your Nintendo Network ID (the account created on your Wii U or Nintendo 3DS family system), you may find our information on How to Change Nintendo Network ID Information (Email Address, Gender, Region, Etc) helpful.

Complete These Steps:

  1. Go to https://accounts.nintendo.com and sign in to your Nintendo Account.
    • You can also access your user information through the My Nintendo website by clicking your nickname in the upper-right corner, then "Account Settings."
  2. Choose from the following sections:
    • User Information -
      • Profile -
        • Mii - Change the Mii displayed for your Nintendo Account.
        • Nickname, Gender, Country*, Time zone - Update as desired, then click "Save Changes" to confirm.
          • If your Nintendo Account is linked to an NNID, the link will be removed if you change your country/region setting. The Nintendo Account and NNID country/region setting must be the same.
          • Your Nintendo eShop account balance does not carry over when you change your Nintendo Account country/region setting. You will need to use the remaining funds before you can change your country. (For more information, click here.)
        • Date of birth - Cannot be changed.
      • E-mail address* - View and/or change the e-mail address for your Nintendo Account.
      • Linked Accounts or Link a Nintendo Network ID -
      • Register Email Address - Register an email address to the Nintendo Account. (This option only appears for Nintendo Account owners aged 16 and over who have not previously registered an email address.)
    • Sign-In and Security Settings -
      • Change Password - Change the password for your Nintendo Account.
      • Change Sign-In ID -
        • Note: A Sign-In ID is a name you can use to sign in to your Nintendo Account. Sign-In IDs are not displayed publicly, and have no purpose in games.
        • Enter your Nintendo Account password, then update the Sign-In ID for your Nintendo Account. Click "Save" to confirm.
      • Sign-In Method* - Choose the method(s) you can sign in with (either your e-mail address and/or sign-in ID OR your sign-in ID only).
      • Sign-In History -
        • Click "View" to see a list of devices that have been used to access your account in the past 30 days.
        • Click "Sign out on all other devices" to automatically sign out of each device on the list.
      • Two-Step Verification Settings* -
        • Set up 2-step verification for your account using the Google Authenticator app on a smart device.
        • When 2-step verification is set up, you can review backup codes and/or remove the 2-step verification if desired.
    • Parental Controls** -
      • This section displays the Nintendo Account(s) for your parent/guardian, and any restrictions they have set. There are no additional actions that you can take.
    • Family Group -
      • View the current members and roles in your family group.
      • Leave the family group.*
      • Parent/guardian Nintendo Accounts can click a supervised account (users aged 17 and under) to adjust the following settings:
        • User information - View or change the supervised account's nickname, Mii, gender, or time zone. (Note: A Nintendo Network ID can only be linked or unlinked by signing in to the supervised Nintendo Account.)
        • Sign-In and Security Settings - View or change the child's Sign-In ID or password, and view their sign-in history for the past 30 days.
        • Set Nintendo eShop restrictions.
        • Other settings - Enable or disable the "Friend suggestions" feature, manage Nintendo Account information that can be shared with third parties, or delete the child's Nintendo Account.
      • An admin Nintendo Account can perform the following functions:
        • Add a new member to the group
        • Re-assign the role of the family group admin
        • Remove a family group member
        • Set a parent/guardian Nintendo Account
        • Set a supervised account
    • Shop Menu -
      • View your current Nintendo eShop balance.
      • Review and/or delete stored credit card information.
      • The following will also appear if you have linked an NNID to your Nintendo Account:
        • Just for You offers - View the current Just For You discount offers you qualify for through My Nintendo rewards or special promotions.
        • Purchase History - View information about how to review transactions made through your Nintendo Account and/or the NNID linked to your account. (Note that the transactions themselves do not appear here.)
    • Other Settings-
      • Emails from Nintendo* - Opt in/out of promotional e-mails or surveys from Nintendo, then click "Save changes" to confirm.
      • Services with Access to Account Information - List of third-party services that can receive information from the Nintendo Account. Click "Change" to view and adjust as needed.
      • Friend Suggestions - Check the box to enable or disable friend suggestions based on existing friends in other linked services (NNID, social network accounts). You can enable the feature for each individual service that is linked to your Nintendo Account.
      • Delete Account* - Delete your Nintendo Account and all associated information. (A Nintendo Account for a child can only be deleted through the "Child accounts" section of the parent/guardian's account.)
    • Check In -
      • Display a QR Code specific to your Nintendo Account, which can be used to check in at select Nintendo events and locations.
      • Checking in gives you access to exclusive My Nintendo member benefits that may be available.
      • Please visit the official Nintendo website for information about any upcoming events or promotions.

*This option is not available in a Nintendo Account for a child.

**This option is only available in a supervised Nintendo Account.