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How Do I Control the Game? (Ring Fit Adventure)

In this article, you'll learn how to control Ring Fit Adventure.

The controller configuration varies depending on where you are in the game. The current suggested controller configuration will usually appear at the bottom of your screen as you play.

Joy-Con Controls (Menu Navigation):

  • In-game menus and cursors are usually controlled with the Joy-Con (R). (This is the Joy-Con that is attached to the Ring-Con accessory.)
    • To move a cursor: Use the control stick on the Joy-Con (R)
    • To confirm a selection: Press the X Button
    • To cancel a selection: Press the A Button

Ring-Con Controls (Exercises, Adventure Mode):

  • The exercise modes are controlled by a combination of the Ring-Con and leg strap, depending on the type of action required.
    • Make sure to watch the suggested position on the screen, then imitate it as closely as you can.
    • Some exercises don’t require the Ring-Con. For those, you should place the Ring-Con on the ground or a flat surface. Try not to touch it for the duration of the exercise.
  • Some menus and cursors can also be controlled with the Ring-Con:
    • To move a cursor: Hold the Ring-Con like a steering wheel, then tilt it from side to side or raise it up and down.
    • To confirm a selection: Hold the Ring-Con by the grips on the sides, then press them inwards.
    • To cancel a selection: Hold the Ring-Con by the grips on the sides, then pull them outwards.
    • If you are having difficulty navigating through a menu with the Ring-Con, try using the Joy-Con (R) directly instead.