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Error Message: “The Game Trials event for this software has ended.”

The information in this article can help when, while trying to start a game, you receive the error message: “The Game Trials event for this software has ended. You will be able to continue playing where you left off if you purchase the software."

This error message indicates that the trial period has ended for the selected Game Trials event. To continue playing, you must purchase the game.

  • Game Trials events are open to Nintendo Switch Online members for a select period of time. View our Game Trials FAQ for more information.
  • If you purchase the game, your save data from the Game Trials event will carry over so that you can pick up where you left off.
  • To remove the Game Trials software from the HOME Menu, delete or archive the software from the system settings.
    • This will not delete your save data. You can manage your save data separately through the system settings.