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Error Code: 2155-8007


When attempting to access an online feature on Nintendo Switch, error code 2155-8007 is received.

Possible Solutions:

  • Ensure your console has the latest system update.

    If your console is already up to date, restart it by holding down the POWER Button for three seconds, then select "Power Options" > "Restart."

  • Manually enter an alternate DNS.

    If the DNS you are attempting to use is not working, entering an alternate DNS may resolve this issue.

  • Move the Nintendo Switch console closer to the wireless router.

    If possible, place the Nintendo Switch within 3 to 5 meters (10 to 15 feet) of the wireless router to improve the signal strength during troubleshooting.

    • It may be helpful to remove the Nintendo Switch console from the Nintendo Switch dock while troubleshooting, and then return the console when troubleshooting is complete.
  • Power cycle your home network.

    Restarting your network devices may resolve this issue if it is related to the devices being unresponsive.

  • Try connecting online using a different access point.

Situation Not Resolved:

Please contact our Customer Support.