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Wired Connection Setup

Before you start

Put the Nintendo Switch console in TV mode.


1. Connect the LAN adapter to the USB port on the Nintendo Switch dock, then use a LAN cable to connect the LAN adapter to the router.


2. Look at the TV screen for the following steps.

First, press the HOME Button to open the HOME Menu, then open System Settings.


3. Select Internet ⇒ Internet Settings.


4. Select "Wired Connection" from the list of registered networks.


5. Select "Connect to the Internet via Wired Connection". If "Successfully connected" is displayed, the setup process is complete.

Click here if an error is displayed.


It can be helpful to set up both a wired and wireless connection.

If you're just using a wired connection, your Nintendo Switch console will become unable to connect to the internet as soon as you remove it from the dock. However, if you also set up a wireless connection, your Nintendo Switch console will connect to Wi-Fi as soon as the wired connection is lost.

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