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    Can I Restrict Credit Card Purchases on My Child’s Nintendo Account?

    Depending on the type of software, purchases can be restricted through the Nintendo Account and/or Nintendo Network ID (NNID) that is linked to the child's account.

    Nintendo Switch / Nintendo Website Purchases

    • Parental Controls for off-device purchases and purchases made on Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch (for both child and supervised accounts) can be set up through the supervisor's Nintendo Account.

    Wii U / Nintendo 3DS Purchases

    • To restrict purchases for Nintendo eShop on Wii U or Nintendo 3DS, enable Parental Controls for the NNID on the Wii U or Nintendo 3DS family system where the NNID is registered.

    Smart Device App Purchases

    • If you wish to restrict in-app purchases on a smart device, you will need to check the settings for the smart device you own. Please check the support site for your device for information.