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Getting started with the game

When you load up Nintendogs for the first time, there are a few steps you have to complete before you get to the actual game. It's a good idea to take the time to complete these steps so that you can then play without any interruption.

At the start of the game you enter the kennel where you can buy one of the three virtual puppies of any breed that is available.
Tip: Note the brief description of the dog. It provides information on how quickly the dog learns.

As soon as you and your puppy are in your virtual "home", you will receive a tutorial on how to get interactive with your new dog. We have summarised the individual steps below:

1. Get the dog's attention.
Touch the "paw print" icon in the centre of the Touch Screen so that the dog becomes aware of you.

2. Reassure the dog and gain its confidence.
When the dog is in front of you, pet it until you receive the next instruction.

3. Get the puppy used to its name until you can type it in.
Create a name for your dog by activating the recording function on the screen. Say the name clearly about 10 -15 cm away from the microphone. Repeat the process with the same pronunciation and volume until you can type in the dog's name and then receive the next instruction in the tutorial. The speed at which the dog grasps its name differs from breed to breed.

4. Practice calling the dog's name.
When the "paw print" icon appears again, touch it. Call out your dog's name several times in succession. Ensure that the pronunciation is clear and the volume is the same; follow the instructions in the tutorial. If you have not 'properly' repeated the name, the dog will forget it again after about five minutes and will have to learn it again (see point 3).

5. Get the puppy used to the "sit" voice command.
When the dog has successfully learnt its name, you then have to teach it the first voice command - "sit" (you can choose a different name for it). To do so, follow the instructions on the screen and pet the dog as instructed. When the dog 'sits', a yellow light bulb icon appears on the top right-hand corner of the Touch Screen. Touch this icon and clearly say "sit" again about 10 -15 cm from the microphone. Repeat the command until you can type it in. Again, the learning capacity of each dog differs.
Tip: Reward the dog by feeding it with the small, yellow light bulb icons that appear on the screen from time to time.

6. Practice the "sit" voice command with your dog.
After your dog has learnt its first command, you still have to practice it with him. To do so, call your dog and repeat the command he has learnt until he does it.
Once you have successfully completed the steps stated here in the tutorial, you can start the actual game. You can select the various game functions, e.g. "Go Out" and "Supplies" so that you can feed your puppy and take it for a walk.

We hope that this tutorial has helped you and wish you lots of fun with Nintendogs.

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