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    Product Information

    Size (unit closed):

    133 mm wide / 73.9 mm deep / 21.5 mm high


    218 g

    Upper screen:

    background lighting, 7.62 cm diameter, semi-transparent TFT-LCD screen with a resolution of 256 x 192 pixels and 0.24 mm dot pitch

    Touch Screen:

    as with the upper screen but with a transparent analogue Touch Screen

    Colours supported:


    Wireless communication:

    WLAN to IEEE 802.11 standard and Nintendo's own format, wireless range 10 to 30 m, depends on the environment; several players can play multiplayer games via a Nintendo DS card


    Touch Screen, integrated microphone for voice recognition, A/B/X/Y button, control pad, L and R Buttons, START and SELECT Buttons


    Slot for Nintendo DS Game Cards and slot for Game Boy Advance Game Paks, connections for stereo headphones, microphone and Nintendo DS Lite power supply

    Other features:

    integrated PictoChat software that up to 16 users can use at a time to communicate with each other, integrated real-time clock, date, time display and alarm


    one ARM9 and one ARM7


    Stereo speakers can provide virtual surround sound depending on the software

    Power supply:

    integrated, rechargeable lithium-ion battery - depending on the screen brightness setting and type of game, provides up to 19 hours of uninterrupted gaming with a charging time of around 3 hours.


    English, Japanese, Spanish, French, German, Italian

    Casing colours:

    Black, white, pink

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