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    How to Save Game Progress [Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Entertainment System]


    Instructions on how to save game progress or create a suspend point on the Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Entertainment System console.

    Additional Information:

    • In addition to suspend points, some games include in-game save options.
    • Up to four suspend points can be saved for each game.

    Complete These Steps:

    1. While in a game, push the RESET Button on the console to create a temporary suspend point on the HOME Menu (indicated by the flapping wings).
      • Important: A temporary suspend point is not saved automatically, and will be deleted if the console is shut off or if another game is started prior to saving it.
    2. Press "down" on the +Control Pad to move the temporary suspend point to a save slot in the Suspend Point List, then press the Y Button to save it.
      • A saved suspend point is indicated by a blue or a yellow circle in the Game List.
      • If there are no available save slots for a given game, you can save a new suspend point over an existing one. The previous suspend point data will be overwritten.