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Save Data is Missing or Cannot Be Saved [Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Entertainment System]


  • Save data or game progress cannot be found.
  • You are unable to resume your game from where you left off.

Additional Information:

A saved suspend point is indicated in the Game List by a blue or yellow save slot.

What to Do:

Ensure you are saving your game progress to an available suspend point slot within the Suspend Point List.

  • A temporary suspend point (indicated by the flapping wings) is not saved automatically, and will be deleted if the console is shut off or if another game is started prior to saving it.
  • For games that have in-game save options, if you resume your gameplay from a saved suspend point, your in-game save data will be overwritten.
  • Although suspend points can be locked to avoid being overwritten by new data, if the console is reset to factory settings, then ALL suspend point data is lost and cannot be recovered.

Situation Not Resolved:

If the save data has been deleted or overwritten, you will need to start your game again.