How can I change my Mii?

Applies to: My Nintendo

How you change your Mii depends on which Mii is being displayed.

  • If it's the Mii you created in Miitomo, please change your Mii within Miitomo.
  • If it's your Nintendo Network ID Mii, follow these steps to change it:
    1. Change your personal Mii and then sign in to a service that requires a Nintendo Network ID (for example Nintendo eShop or Miiverse).
    2. Go to the Change Mii page and choose the Mii you want to use.
  • If you simply want to switch from your Miitomo Mii to your Nintendo Network ID Mii or vice versa, you can do so from the Change Mii page.

More info:

  • To find out how to unlink or change the Nintendo Network ID linked to your Nintendo Account, please go here.
  • If no Mii is displayed, please see here.

More about: Account Management