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  • Update from the Squid Research Lab: Let’s explore the Galleria in Inkopolis Square


    We’re so close! Splatoon 2 arrives on Nintendo Switch on July 21st and we’re really looking forward to getting more hands on research with the game, especially with the various different threads that’ll be available.

    Speaking of, the recent Splatoon 2 Direct showcased the Galleria found in Inkopolis Square. It’s become pretty popular with Inklings due to its great selection of stores that offer all sorts of stylish gear and weaponry!

    Take this place, for example, it’s the headwear shop called Headspace. Pretty cool name. It’s run by a sea slug named Flow who’s always got fashion on the mind, just like us here at the Squid Research Lab. We don’t know her that well but local Inklings tell us that they see her as their crazy old aunt. Weird…


    Moving on, we have Ye Olde Cloth Shoppe, run by a Jellyfish named Jelfonzo. Unlike most Jellyfish, he can speak the Inkling language, although we’ve no idea where he picked it up as his patter appears to be quite archaic indeed… Jelfonzo always has the freshest clothes, so it’s no surprise that Inklings are crazy about his shop(pe).


    Now, this is Bisk, the owner of Shella Fresh. This place is all about footwear. Sneakers, sandals, boots… You name it, this chill spider crab has it. Probably. Inklings are pretty keen on shoes, so Bisk should do quite good business here in Inkopolis Square.


    Last but not least, we have Ammo Knights run by good old Sheldon. This horseshoe crab has a real knack for weapon design and it’s really his only topic of conversation, in all honesty. This time round you can tune out his weapon dissertations with the press of a button. Sorry, Sheldon, we’ve got places to be, turf to claim, ink to splat… You get the point.


    Each item you acquire here in the Galleria has one or more abilities that should prove effective in battle. It’s definitely a place to frequent often so you can find equipment that works for your playstyle best.


    Oh! We have one other thing to report. Many people have been wondering what Crusty Sean’s up to these days. We’re happy to report he’s hanging out in Inkopolis Square running some sort of food truck – how hip! Munch down on his culinary delights and you'll get more points and in-game money from battles.

    Splatoon 2 launches on July 21st, exclusively on Nintendo Switch. You can get an early taste of the game with the Splatoon 2: Splatfest World Premiere demo event, which takes place on Saturday 15th July. It’ll be Cake vs. Ice Cream facing off and only one can be crowned best dessert! Have you picked a side yet?

    For more info on the upcoming release, head over to the official Splatoon 2 website and for even more updates from us stay tuned on the Splatoon Facebook page.