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  • Update from the Squid Research Lab: How fashion can boost your performance in Splatoon 2


    Splatoon 2 has arrived on Nintendo Switch! We hope you’ve enjoyed playing it over the weekend. Now that the game is out, we’ve discovered some fresh brands while shopping at the Galleria. Yes, shopping counts as research!

    We detailed four of the brands found in the Inkling world: Annaki, Tentatek, Splash Mob and Toni Kensa in a previous report, and we’re happy to present to you four more!


    The well-known shoe maker Krak-on is ever expanding its fresh line of natural-style basic wear. Its canvas shoes have kept the same design for many years and have been loved by generations of Inklings. Vintage models of Krak-on shoes from days gone by have become highly sought-after as collector's items.



    SquidForce is the official brand of Turf Wars and offers a wide range of gear for beginners and professionals alike! They put a lot of effort into supporting battles by cultivating top pros and managing the battlefield. Shiny gear is all the rage with Inklings right now, and SquidForce's new T-shirts bear a reflective print on the V-neck, which is proving to be very popular!



    Originally focused on baseball caps, Skalop's collection now includes knit caps, straw hats too. They’ve also recently expanded to include professional-grade sports gear like helmets. T-shirts emblazoned with the Skalop logo are particularly popular amongst its fans.



    Firefin takes a simple approach to streetwear and isn’t just about wardrobe staples like parkas and caps. Bell hats, visors and other headwear seem to be influenced heavily by the old-school hip-hop style. Among numerous other street brands, their refined motif selection sets them apart.


    Sure, gear looks super fresh but did you know it can actually have an impact on your performance? Each piece of gear comes with abilities that provide a variety of benefits during battle. If you use a piece of gear repeatedly, the number of abilities it has will increase. Let’s take a look at some of the abilities available in Splatoon 2.

    Special Power Up

    As the name implies, this ability raises the performance of the equipped special weapon. For example, when used in conjunction with Tenta Missiles, the targeting reticule will be larger, making it easier to lock-on to more opponents.


    Sub Power Up

    Sub Power Up increases the performance of an equipped sub weapon. How performance changes depends on which sub is being used. For example, when using Burst Bombs you’ll be able to throw bombs farther, and with Ink Mines, the area of effect will be larger.


    Ink Resistance Up

    This ability reduces damage taken and improves mobility when walking through enemy ink. In Splatoon 2, this ability is now stackable (meaning you can equip multiple instances of the ability to make it stronger). It’s available on headwear and clothing, and can also be added as a sub ability. Think about the fashion-co-ordination possibilities!


    Quick Respawn

    When you get splatted more than once without taking down any opponents, this lets you respawn faster than normal. Handy when you need to get back into action quicker!


    Ability Doubler

    This is a special gear ability that can only be attained on a Splatfest Tee. It doubles the effect of other abilities. Nice!


    You can mix and match all of these gear abilities with the help of Murch, a new character in Splatoon 2. Learn all about his incredible services in our previous report.

    Of course, new fashions will be making their way to Inkopolis via free content updates over the next 12 months. Be sure to keep your eyes out for new trends sweeping the Inkling nation!

    Discover more about the new release at our official Splatoon 2 website, and get more updates at the official Splatoon Facebook page. Our research has only just begun!