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  • Update from the Squid Research Lab: How do amiibo work in Splatoon 2?


    Splatoon 2 has splatted onto store shelves alongside three new amiibo (sold separately) – Inkling Boy (Neon Green), Inkling Girl (Neon Pink) and Inkling Squid (Neon Purple).

    Our research tells us that these amiibo are interactive figures that can be used to uncover surprising new features in Splatoon 2. We’ve also concluded that all previously released Splatoon amiibo are also compatible as well!

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    Wondering how to go about using amiibo? It’s simple! Head towards Crusty Sean’s food truck “The Crust Bucket” in Inkopolis Square and you’ll spot an amiibo Box on the wall behind. Interact with it and it will ask you to scan an amiibo. You can scan your figure on the NFC touchpoint on the right Joy-Con or on the Pro Controller (sold separately).


    So what do these amiibo do once you’ve scanned them? When you tap a compatible Splatoon amiibo, the figure character will appear in-game – amazing! Befriend your amiibo character and it will remember your current gear, player settings and camera options. This means you can have pre-set loadout ready to go, which is particularly useful if you’re visiting a friend’s house or another Squid Research Lab!


    Now that you’re best buds, how about a photo (or several)? You can take photos with your amiibo buddy and share them around on social media using the Nintendo Switch Album. Your new amiibo friend may even give you some special designer gear as a gift! Each amiibo figure can provide you with three different pieces of special gear. We won’t spoil the surprise here though – just be sure to check in with your amiibo friend every now and then to see if they’ve got something for you!


    Discover more about the game at the official Splatoon 2 website and remember to check in on the Splatoon Facebook page, where we publish our latest findings from the Squid World! If our report has piqued your curiosity in amiibo, then head over to our official amiibo website to learn all about them!