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  • Discover the secrets of 1-2-Switch!


    1-2-Switch is a party game for Nintendo Switch that has you looking at your opponent a lot more than the screen. With 27 fun ways to face off against each other there’s plenty to get stuck into, but did you know that there’s more to some of these games than meets the eye?

    Let’s take a look at some of the secrets hiding in 1-2-Switch that you may not have discovered yet!

    Shave your head!

    In Shave, you use the HD rumble vibrations of the Joy-Con to guide you as you shave. Like so:

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    But did you know you can also shave your head? If you play Shave three times in a row you’ll get the chance to give yourself a serious haircut! Pretend your Joy-Con is a set of barber’s clippers and compete for the closest shave with a friend.

    As you can imagine, you’ll be cutting at different angles than you would be doing during a regular shave – meaning that even if you aren’t particularly skilled at the main game, you might find that you have a hidden talent for head-shaving.


    Build up magic power in battle!

    In Wizard, you use the Joy-Con as a wand and build up magic power to defeat your enchanted opponent.

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    You point your wand at your adversary and blast them with as many spells as you can muster, but did you know that by rotating your wrist, you can continue to build additional power even as you do battle?

    If you see these swirly patterns on-screen, it means you’ve successfully built up more magical power. Nice work! Flick your wrist to unleash a hefty burst of magic at your foe. There’s just one catch: when building magic power in this way you can sometimes leave yourself vulnerable to your rival’s attacks.

    Bag some amazing loot!

    In both Treasure Chest and Safe Crack, you’ll compete to see who can liberate the loot first.

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    Did you know that the less time you take, the better the reward you can bag yourself? In both of these games, there are four different types of treasure up for grabs, but you’ll need to work fast if you want the most valuable haul. Remember that practice makes perfect!

    The treasure you’ll see in the screenshots above is the least valuable of the lot – we don’t want to spoil it so if you want the really good stuff, you’re going to have to get it yourself!

    Did you know about these three secrets? You can discover them for yourself in 1-2-Switch, out now on Nintendo Switch. If only the loot in Treasure Chest was real…

    1-2-Switch is available in shops and as a downloadable version from Nintendo eShop, only on Nintendo Switch.