Tomodachi Life: Welcome Version bundled with every full version of Tomodachi Life!


21st May 2014 – Nintendo reveals that every full version of Tomodachi Life, launching on 6th June exclusively to Nintendo 3DS and 2DS, will come with two free download codes* for the Tomodachi Life: Welcome Version on Nintendo eShop. The Tomodachi Life: Welcome Version offers the chance to sample a unique slice of Tomodachi Life with friends or family that have a Nintendo 3DS or 2DS. Two lucky friends or family members will be able to try their hand at creating Mii characters, all with their own unique voices and personality traits, and once the Mii characters have moved onto the island they will start to interact, and players can try to solve their problems. When the Tomodachi Life: Welcome Version is completed, players can unlock a rare panda suit item, which can be worn in the full game which can be purchased at retail or on Nintendo eShop**.

Tomodachi Life allows you to make your own Mii characters and others who are based on absolutely anyone you know, such as your friends, parents, teachers and whoever you can imagine; to populate your very own island! In Tomodachi Life, the Mii character avatar system, seen on Wii, Wii U and Nintendo 3DS and 2DS, evolves with the new abilities to speak, sing and act with their own individual personality. Watch Mii characters of your loved ones come alive in surprising situations, and become the director of their lives as they star in your very own soap opera. Listen to their thoughts, gift them food and items, and try to solve their problems to raise the happiness of your community and unlock more surprises. You’ll want to share every wacky moment as it happens – at any time you can capture screenshots that can be shared via the Nintendo 3DS Image Share service on social networks with your real-life friends and family so they can see what’s happening on your island. The sky’s the limit in Tomodachi Life. Your friends. Your stories. Your life.

Two download codes for Tomodachi Life: Welcome Version are included with every full version of Tomodachi Life*, which allows you to invite two friends to download it onto their Nintendo 3DS or 2DS for free from Nintendo eShop. The Tomodachi Life: Welcome Version enables your chosen friends to sample the beginning of Tomodachi Life, and allows the creation of up to three Mii characters, where the new voice settings and personality traits can be experienced. It will then be possible to explore the gameplay, such as feeding Mii characters and gifting items such as new interiors and clothing or performing in a group.

If your friends like the taste of Tomodachi Life after completing the Tomodachi Life: Welcome Version, they can move all the residents of their newly-founded island to the full game which can be purchased on Nintendo eShop or at retail and keep their progress***. In addition, players who complete the Tomodachi Life: Welcome Version can unlock a rare panda suit in one of eight colours to dress their Mii characters up with, and also use it in the full version.

Have the chance to sample island life in the Tomodachi Life: Welcome Version, with two free download codes bundled with each full version of Tomodachi Life when it launches on 6th June 2014. The game is available exclusively to the Nintendo 3DS & 2DS systems at retail, or as a digital version on Nintendo eShop.

*The download code can be found: (i) inside the packaging of software purchased in retail, (ii) on-screen after the purchase of a downloadable version of Tomodachi Life from Nintendo eShop on the Nintendo 3DS system and also on the receipt for the Nintendo eShop purchase. To use the download code, a broadband internet connection is required. Acceptance of the network-related terms and privacy policy is required. The download code can be used only in countries in which paid content is offered on Nintendo eShop. Each download code can only be redeemed once and can only be played on the console it was downloaded on.

**Users of the Tomodachi Life: Welcome Version must own the full game (purchasable at retail and on Nintendo eShop) to exchange the panda suit with other players. The player that gifted the download code for Tomodachi Life: Welcome Versions to another player does not receive the panda suit automatically. The panda suit can also be unlocked through normal gameplay in the full version.

***The Tomodachi Life: Welcome Version can be completed multiple times, however each time it will overwrite the previous save file. Only the last completed save file can be transferred to the full game.