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  • Update Wii Street U powered by Google to add even more features!


    Explore the world with Wii Street U powered by Google, only on Wii U! This piece of software is free to download for a limited period of time, and allows you to see places all over the world from the comfort of your own home. Simply tap in a place name – or even co-ordinates – on the Wii U GamePad and (where available) you’ll see a bird’s-eye view map on your TV, and the view from the ground on the GamePad. Motion controls allow you to use the GamePad intuitively to alter your viewpoint – move it up, down, and all around you to get a better perspective!

    With a software update that’s available now your Wii Street U experience becomes even easier to use, and has more great features than before. The update adds Miiverse functionality, allowing you to write about your favourite spots on Miiverse, and post or view screenshots, from within Wii Street U powered by Google itself*. Create bookmarks for places that you’ll want to come back to at the touch of a button, add Miiverse-supported tags to your bookmarks, see a location’s elevation, and even check which way is north using the on-screen compass! It’s even easier to explore on the ground because the handy Street View Guide (the line that shows all the paths you can follow) will turn a darker shade when you’ve already been somewhere. To help you keep track of all these new features, handy hints will display as your application loads to help you get to grips with the new stuff.

    To get the software update, ensure you’ve performed the latest system update (get info on system updates at our Support section) and simply launch Wii Street U powered by Google. If you’ve not yet downloaded the software, make sure you have the latest system update and the version you can download will have the update built in! Head out on a world tour with Wii Street U powered by Google, available for free from Nintendo eShop on Wii U for a limited time.

    *Screenshots from this software that are attached to Miiverse posts can only be viewed within Wii Street U powered by Google.

    Please note: the application is free to download for a limited time and will be available only as a paid download afterwards. The application is currently planned to be available for download and use until 31st March 2016. Please note: a broadband Internet connection and Nintendo Network ID are required to use this software.