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  • Discover a world of terror with immersive horror titles on Nintendo consoles…


    Are you the kind of thrill-seeker who thrives on things going bump in the night and the hairs on the back of your neck rising with fear? If so, there are some horror titles on Nintendo platforms that are sure to be right up your nightmarish street – read on for a round-up of some top terrifying titles!

    Resident Evil Revelations on Nintendo 3DS serves up a spine-chilling survival horror experience, and now you can enjoy the same adrenaline rush in Resident Evil Revelations on Wii U too! This action-packed title will see you exploring the claustrophobic spaces of a cruise ship and eerie, snow-topped mountains as you investigate a virus that twists biology into something aggressively, terribly wrong. With ammo in short supply every shot against the infected counts, but you can gain extra insight into your surroundings using the motion controlled Genesis Scanner: a tool that allows you to analyse enemies and reveal hidden items. Whether creeping down ill-lit corridors where unspeakable terrors dwell or venturing into a sinister mountain range, the game’s serialised episode structure will keep you hooked!


    ZombiU on Wii U challenges you to escape a plague-riddled version of London, where the citizens of the big smoke have mutated into zombies. You’re in for an intense first-person shooter experience as the unique functionality of the Wii U GamePad comes into play: using motion controls you can scan your surroundings for all-too-scarce supplies, and the integrated second screen offers a place to manage your scavenged kit. But keep your eyes on your surroundings – the zombies move in on the living faster than you might think! Should you fall prey to the ravening hordes, you’ll restart as a new character, but the old you – and all your stuff – will be where you fell… ZombiU offers a cutting edge horror experience that you can enjoy solo or with mates!


    Bringing classic, side-scrolling gameplay together with lavish 3D graphics, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate takes this beloved video game series to the next level on Nintendo 3DS. You’ll play as several characters over different eras, each with their own unique powers, as you hunt down Dracula and attempt to end the tragic curse of the Belmont clan. On your adventure you’ll explore the sprawling grounds of Dracula’s castle, combat the creatures of the darkness, best fiendish traps and puzzles, and face off against enormous demonic bosses. The game has a memo function, allowing you to mark your map whenever there’s something just out of reach. As you progress you’ll gain even more impressive abilities, so you can backtrack to access areas you couldn’t reach before. Of course, there’s no way to tell what lies in wait for you…


    For some, horror is all about a pervasive sense of dread, and those folk should give Project Zero 2: Wii Edition a look-in – plus, this Wii remake of what’s arguably one of the scariest games of all time is also playable on Wii U. Twin sisters Mayu and Mio find themselves trapped in a gloomy village populated by malevolent spirits. As Mio, you must find a way to escape the village before your fragile twin becomes possessed by one of the spectres. With time trickling away and dark forces rising, a strange artefact called the Camera Obscura – which can be used to combat the phantoms – comes as a boon in your fight for survival. Will you win your freedom? With additional endings, an extra mode and more, you’ll discover a brand new shade of horror in Project Zero 2: Wii Edition.


    The Camera Obscura also features in Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir for Nintendo 3DS, or rather, for this game your Nintendo 3DS acts as the Camera Obscura itself! Using Augmented Reality (AR) technology, this title brings all manner of horrors to life in your room. Viewing the enclosed 16-page AR Book using your Nintendo 3DS, you’ll see hidden writing, macabre images and strange spirits appear in the world around you, allowing for a truly immersive horror experience. Using the Camera Obscura you can capture evil spirits to uncover the main story, discover the tricks and traps in the AR Book, or even indulge in Spirit Photography to see which ghosts are haunting you and your friends today!

    Of course, if all this is the kind of thing that’d make you hide behind the sofa, there’s always Luigi’s Mansion 2 at the more light-hearted end of the scary continuum! This Nintendo 3DS title offers a friendly balance of laughs and scares, and invites you to join scaredy-cat Luigi as he explores a number of haunted mansions – if you dare! Find out more about this delightfully spooky adventure at our official Luigi’s Mansion 2 website!