Get ready to grab a classic NES game on Wii U Virtual Console for a very special price!


To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the release of the Famicom in Japan (known as the NES in South Africa), Nintendo is making one NES or Super NES game available each month until July for a limited time and at a special anniversary price.

Nintendo eShop content will be available to download and purchase in South Africa from April 10th and why not get started with some classic games available for just R4.00!

The games featured in the Wii U Virtual Console Trial Campaign will be:

  • 10th April: Punch-Out!! (NES) (until 23:59 South African time on 19th April)
  • 18th April: Kirby’s Adventure (NES) (until 23:59 South African time on 17th May)
  • 16th May: Super Metroid (Super NES) (until 23:59 South African time on 14th June)
  • 13th June: Mario & Yoshi (NES) (until 23:59 South African time on 12th July)
  • 15th July: Donkey Kong (NES) (until 23:59 South African time on 13th August)

Wii U Virtual Console games arrive with new features to further enhance players’ enjoyment. You’ll be able to save a backup of your game progress, play on the Wii U GamePad screen alone, and even access an official community in Miiverse where you can post screenshots of your high scores, ask for help or share strategies with other players around the world.

That’s not all the Wii U Virtual Console news, though. Soon, a system update will add more Virtual Console software, including NES and Super NES games, while games for other formats including Game Boy Advance will also become available in the future.